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Morrow Gravel Company is part of the Jurgensen Companies. They own and operate gravel and asphalt plants in 3 states. They have 20 operations and produce crushed stone sand and gravel. The particular product for the application is #57 Limestone Gravel is angular with 1/2” to 1” in size. The Metso 8’ x 20’ Tripe Deck Screen operates at 300/ton/hour. The top deck screens all of the #57 which all go over the chute. This equates to ~75,000 ton per year. Traditionally, the plant had used 1/4” AR400 which lasted 1 season each year before needing an entire replacement. The ceramic chosen was 1/2” Durafrax® Weld-al ceramic installed with our WP750 RTV Silicon. The 1/2” was installed on the entire bottom of the chute and 1” on the side walls in the top of the chute in the reducing section.

Solution Summary

After 1 year of operation, the ceramic looks like the day it went in and is expected to last ~ 15-20 years which would equate to about 1.1-1.5 Million tons of gravel. They plan to line many more chutes in several of their quarries.

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